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FEMtech is a programme for the promotion of equal opportunities in research and technology. For this purpose, women should be specifically supported and the framework conditions in industrial and extra-faculty research should be changed in such a way as to equally correspond to the needs of both women and men.

By increasing the share of women and by improving their professional position in these facilities, FEMtech strives to render a contribution towards the increased realization of female innovative potential and more equal opportunities for women and men in society.


Networking and awareness activities

FEMtech supports activities designed to raise awareness and enhance the visibility of women in research and technology.

The consistent and regular way of presenting female scientists in the public achieved by the initiative "FEMtech´s female expert of the month" (taking place each month for the past four years) has effectively changed the perception of women in this area! FEMtech´s database of female experts ensures an even larger forum. More than 1.300 female experts have been registered until now. In addition, Networking meetings are organized in regular intervals. Women and men who support FEMtech´s vision are welcome at these meetings to exchange information and experience as well as know-how. The dates are published on FEMtech´s website.


Current activities include:

FEMtech´s female expert of the month

FEMtech´s database of female experts

FEMtech´s networking meetings



Promotion in the interest of women and enterprises

By introducing specific supporting measures, one can improve the attractiveness of businesses for women and thus help reduce the shortage of specialist personnel. Companies profit from the competence and utilize the potential of qualified women in mixed-gender teams. More qualified and motivated employees (including both women and men) means more innovative potential for the companies, which directly benefits Austria as an innovation hub.

Financial resources and consulting are provided. along three programme lines.

In order to facilitate the access to jobs and the realizations of personal career goals of female researchers and technicians, we support industrial and extra-faculty research companies whenever they implement gender-specific activities.

FEMtech career check for SME

FEMtech career check for SME supports research- and technology-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises in natural sciences and technology when dealing with equality.

FEMtech Career

Within the program gender awareness should raise in R&D companies. Activities for equal opportunities: gender training, government action plans for women and work, mentoring, executive training for women, company kindergartens with scientific and technical focus - are promoted.

FEMtech Working Experience for female students

Within this program female students should be interested in starting a career in industrial and extra-faculty research.  

FEMtech´s Research Projects

Approaching research activities and products under increased consideration of gender aspects diversifies the range of offers and provides additional market potential. Thus, we support the integration of the gender dimension in research and development projects


Knowledge about the topic as a major task

Knowledge about the topic as a major task.One of FEMtech´s objectives is to compile and provide ready access to important information concerning the topic ,,Women in research and technology" and "Gender mainstreaming". In this way, we can provide all interested persons with focused and target group-specific knowledge.FEMtech provides relevant data and information, presents studies and publications as well as thematic summaries on national and international research in this area.FEMtech knowledge includes:   

Thus, we hope to render an important contribution towards ensuring equal opportunities for women and men in the area of research and technology.

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