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FEMtech is a programme of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) to promote equal opportunities in research and technology. Women should be specifically supported for this purpose and the framework conditions in industrial and extra-faculty research should be changed in such a way as to equally correspond to the needs of both women and men.


FEMtech´s work

The programme FEMtech provides a wide range of coordinated measures:

FEMtech´s activities:
FEMtech supports activities designed to raise awareness and enhance the visibility of women in research and technology. Activities include:

FEMtech´s  affirmative action plans:
Financial resources and consulting are provided along the following three programme lines. (More information only in German)

FEMtech knowledge:
FEMtech delivers relevant data and information, presents studies and publications as well as thematic summaries on national and international research in the subject area. FEMtech KNOWLEDGE includes:

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