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Frauen in Forschung & Technologie


Life Science Awards Austria 2021



Each year, the ÖGMBT awards prizes to young researchers who have published outstanding scientific research papers in the field of life sciences and biotechnology. The Life Science Research Awards Austria are the most prestigious life science Award a young researcher working in Austria can win. The award winners and their research topics will be presented to the scientific community and the broad public.

The total prize money of € 9.000, kindly provided by the BMDW (Federal Ministry for Economic and Digital Affairs), is awarded in the following categories: 

  • Basic Science (1 prize à € 3.000.-)
  • Applied Research (1 prize à € 3.000.-)
  • Excellence & Societal Impact (1 prize à € 3.000.-) This is a special prize bestowed among all applicants for basic science and applied research awards and who can convince the jury with a meaningful presentation of the possible social impact of their work

Applications must be uploaded in the online application system by May 28, 2021.

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