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TU Wien, Research unit Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, is looking for a PostDoc, who received her/his Ph.D. (or who is in the final stage of writing her/his thesis) in the field of risk theory, stochastic control theory or a related field. The position is funded for a total duration of three years. After one year there will be a decision, whether the contract will be extended.

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CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG is an industry-oriented research and development center for smart sensors and system integration. As the largest non-university research center in southern Austria, CTR has gained a reputation for expertise in R&D sensor technologies serving science and industry at both a national and international level. CTR focuses on four main research areas: Microsystem Technologies, Packaging & Hetero-integration, Photonic Sensor Systems and Smart Systems.

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With transportation noise being the second most deadly environmental pollutant in Europe, engineering for future mobility must be inspired by ecology, economy and health to enable green and silent vehicles. Legislations define maximum noise emission limits that have to be complied with during standardized pass-by noise test procedures. Given novel, often electrified, vehicle powertrain concepts, new pass-by noise evaluation approaches are required.

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Zum 32. Mal zeichnete die ÖGUT heuer die besten Nachhaltigkeitsprojekte mit dem ÖGUT-Umweltpreis aus. Eine unabhängige Jury hat aus 78 Einreichungen die Nominierten zum ÖGUT-Umweltpreis ausgewählt. Das Geheimnis um die ÖGUT-PreisträgerInnen sowie die BUSINESSART & LEBENSART Sonderpreise wurden im Rahmen des ÖGUT-Jahresempfangs am 29. November im Kuppelsaal der TU Wien gelüftet.