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Diversity and Inclusion in Gaming - Gaming Operations Academy


Meta’s December 2020 research report found that ‘many gamers would play more or would identify better with the game if they saw themselves reflected in the game as characters’. This means the gaming industry needs to reflect the diverse demographics and this for economic reasons too. The report pointed out that underrepresented gamers would be more likely to feel excluded and less likely to engage. A diverse workforce is fundamental in achieving what the gaming industry needs to achieve for its market to be even more successful

Three core challenges the industry is facing:

1. Communication barriers - the language and even how one expresses themselves

2. Stereo types and prejudices

3. Conflicts at the work place leading to lower productivity

Goal of course

The course will explain the challenges as well as the benefits of a diverse workforce. It will give participants hands on guidance and tools to achieve an inclusive workplace.

Full course content:

  • Diversity in the gaming industry - setting the scene
  • Key values of equality, diversity and inclusion (edi)
  • Challenges of edi & Benefits of edi
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Gender and LGBTQ+ awareness and inclusion
  • Types of discrimination