Stellenausschreibung: Master Thesis „Magnetic System Design“, Carinthian Tech Research AG


CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG is an industry-oriented research and development center for smart sensors and system integration. As the largest non-university research center in southern Austria, CTR has gained a reputation for expertise in R&D sensor technologies serving science and industry at both a national and international level. CTR focuses on four main research areas: Microsystem Technologies, Packaging & Hetero-integration, Photonic Sensor Systems and Smart Systems. In the Austrian COMET program, CTR features with "ASSIC Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center" as a K1 center of excellence.

Short description

Magnetic position and orientation detection systems feature a magnetic sensor and a permanent magnet that move relative to each other. From the modulation of the magnetic field the position can be determined. There are many modern applications for such systems, especially in the automotive industry like gas pedal detection, as wheel speed sensors, for gear shift detection and many others.

Novel 3D sensors developed by the company partner offer new possibilities for motion detection. E.g., it was shown that tilt and rotation can simultaneously be detected by a single magnet – single sensor system. It is the aim of this project to support the development of a novel magnetic multimedia control element.


Based on previous works, the Master Student will construct a novel mechanical system, layout and implement electronics that include microcontroller and sensor, perform experimental read outs and give feedback to the magnetic simulation to confirm and further develop the provided magnetic map. Initially, this includes lab work on the robot assisted magnetic sensor readout suit for fast prototyping when the mechanical implementation is not ready yet. When the system is fully implemented a GUI interface should be developed.

Start Date / Duration / Contract

Start date (planned): the position is immediately available
Contract: We offer you a salaried position including all related rights and duties for employer and employee. The position will be time-limited according to the duration of the master thesis
Duration (planned): 6 months
Place: Villach, Austria

Profile / requirements

  • Master Student in Electrical engineering, Mechatronics, Physics or similar
  • Knowledge of and interest in Electromagnetism, Microcontroller, Electronics, Sensors
  • Basic programming knowledge

Application: or
Contact: Dr. Michael Ortner, Email: