Stellenausschreibung: Master Thesis "Fabrication and Characterization of narrowband MEMS based emitters for the mid-infrared", Carithian Tech Research


Am Carithian Tech Research ist eine Stelle für eine Master Thesis zum Thema "Fabrication and Characterization of narrowband MEMS based emitters for the mid-infrared" zu besetzen.

CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG is an industry-oriented research and development center for „Smart Sensors and Systems Integration“. As the largest non-university research center in southern Austria, CTR has gained a reputation for expertise in R&D sensor technologies serving science and industry at both, national and international level. CTR focuses on four main research areas: Microsystem Technologies, Heterogeneous Integration Technologies, Photonic Sensor Systems and Smart Systems. CTR is part of Austria’s COMET research program with the K1 excellence center “ASSIC Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center”.

We offer

  • State-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, including a Class-5 cleanroom environment for MEMS fabrication and research
  • An international scientific environment and contacts within our industrial network
  • Payed thesis work with focus on MEMS based sensor development

Aim of the thesis / Tasks

Recent years have seen increasing efforts in pushing the size of (opto-) electronic devices down to the micro- and nanoscale. MEMS based sensors are of particular interest because they can potentially be integrated in very small, cheap and portable devices. The objective of this thesis is focusing on the fabrication and characterization of an integrated emitter for the mid-infrared spectra for a photonic sensors system on a chip and/or wafer level. This work is focused on the process development in our cleanroom facility including the required design and metrology steps as well as the electrical and optical characterization of the fabricated devices.
In particular, the candidate will:

  • gain a fundamental understanding of the underlying sensor technology for integrated (opto-) electronic devices
  • work in a Class-5 cleanroom environment on state of the art tools for MEMS fabrication and metrology (thin-film deposition, mask-less lithography, FIB etc.)
  • gain experience in process development for different MEMS fabrication steps (lithography, etching etc.)
  • apply the theoretical and experimental knowledge acquired during the time of the thesis to elaborate new concepts for mid-IR sensors

Profile / Requirements

  • Master student in microsystem technology, electrical engineering, physics or similar fields
  • Fundamental knowledge of microsystem processes is required
  • Good teamwork skills, well organized work strategies
  • Good communication skills in English and/or German
  • Advanced MS office skills

Start Date / Duration / Contract

  • Start date (planned): May 2018-October 2018
  • Duration (planned): 6 Months
  • Contract: Payment is based on the collective contract
  • Place: CTR AG, Villach, Austria
  • Suggestions with regards to the academic supervision are welcome.


Apply now via: CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG, Europastraße 12, A-9524 Villach,