Gender Diversity in Silicon Valley

A Comparison of Silicon Valley Public Companies and Large Public Companies

Since 2003, Fenwick & West has collected a unique body of information on the corporate governance practices of publicly traded companies that is useful for all Silicon Valley companies, publicly traded high technology and life sciences companies across the U.S. and public companies and their advisors generally. A large subset of that information is published in a Fenwick survey titled Corporate Governance Practices and Trends: A Comparison of Large Public Companies and Silicon Valley Companies. 

This report on gender diversity is a companion supplement that expands on a subset of the data from which the broader corporate governance survey was drawn. This report expands on the board diversity topic covered in the corporate governance report and focuses on women in leadership positions on the boards and executive management teams of the companies surveyed beginning with the 1996 proxy season through the 2014 proxy season (across 19 proxy seasons).

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Publikationsart: Studie
Publikationsquelle: International
Publikationssprache: Englisch
Autor:innen: Bell, David A.; White, Shulamite S.
Titel: Gender Diversity in Silicon Valley
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Herausgeber:in: Fenwick & West LLP