FEMtech Female Expert of the Month

What is the FEMtech Female Expert of the Month?

By awarding the "FEMtech Expert of the Month", the BMK makes women in research and technology visible and thus creates role models. Women who are affected by other possible dimensions of discrimination, such as age, background, religion, disability, gender identity, are also given increased support and made visible.

How is the FEMTtech Female Expert of the Month awarded?

Every month, three female experts are nominated and an independent jury from research, business, human resources management and the media selects the expert.

The criteria for the award:

  • Signal effect to the outside (with regard to professional public, general public, pioneering role in a male-dominated discipline,...).
  • Expertise (publications, prizes, awards, media reports, contributions to conferences...)
  • Courage to cross borders (interdisciplinary activity, research approach, pioneering role,...)
  • Contribution to the advancement of women in research (role model, mentor, special support for female students and pupils, network building,...)

In order to be nominated as Female Expert of the Month, the candidate must be listed in the FEMtech Female Expert Database.

How does the FEMTtech Female Expert of the Month become visible?

  • Press release by BMK
  • Portrait about the expert, her field of work and career progression in the work environment. Publication on the FEMtech website and social media channels. 

FEMtech award "Equal opportunities in companies"

Since 2020, in addition to the FEMtech Female Expert of the Month, the BMK has also awarded a company on the topic of equal opportunities once a year. This is intended to acknowledge the achievements of companies for equal opportunities in scientific and technical professions and serve as an inspiration for other companies. The companies are thus given the opportunity to present themselves as modern and attractive employers. 

Further details can be found in the info sheet (in German language).

Jury (in German language)