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Frauen in Forschung & Technologie


Reference number: 11391
Founded in 1885 the Department of Geography and Regional Research is the oldest and biggest geography department in Austria. It is home to more than 80 researchers as well as general staff in 7 working groups, and 3,000 students. From the beginning, it has accommodated both human and physical geography. This interdisciplinary basis in social and natural sciences provides a dynamic and inspiring environment for researchers to address the grand societal challenges of our time.


Reference number: 11435

The Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Vienna is the largest Austrian institution of mathematical research and tertiary education in the mathematical sciences. It consists of active research groups in a wide range of fields, starting from logical foundations, bridging all classical core subjects, and up to concrete applications in industry. As part of the Faculty, the Institute of Mathematics represents the entire discipline of mathematics in research and teaching, without making an arbitrary separation into pure and applied fields.


1. Studiengangsleiter*in für den Bachelor-Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik (m/w/d)

2. Studiengangsleiter*in für den Master-Studiengang Data Science (m/w/d)

3. Studiengangsleiter*in für den Master-Studiengang Telekommunikation und Internettechnologien (m/w/d)

1. Studiengangsleiter*in für den Bachelor-Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik (Vollzeit; m/w/d)